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June 10, 2019


8fd92fe389fba71e45f05085174a06a5.jpegBeing seen is one of the most important things in life for a human being.

It’s so important, yet so many of us don’t get this need met. To be seen by another human being is to let your soul shine. To be seen in all of your darkness and your light. To be loved for who you are. It is the fertile soil to allow a soul to bloom into it’s full potential.

How often do we go about our days not wanting to be seen by others, or to see them truly?

This is a façade that society has built up around us. That it’s not okay to be who we are. That we must be someone else to be okay. That is the dis-ease of humans. No other species in nature doesn’t accept who they are, and tries to be something they’re not.


True community that I have found in ceremony and true spiritual gatherings has taught me the meaning of community. The meaning of being seen.

I have been seen and seen other people more than probably the rest of humanity. I see this as a gift, and I honor it. I try to bring that back to the rest of humanity as much as I can.

However, I still have my blind spots. That’s the place where the work Is to be done for me.


Transparency is a word that rings true deeply for me. Transparency is a goal that I aspire towards. How can I be transparent with others if I’m not fuly transparent with myself? How can I be that if I am still willing to go into a crowded room and change so that I can get you to like me? I become inundated with the energy around me when I don’t know who I am. When I don’t know what my boundaries are. The only way I can find my boundaries is if I know who I am through self work.


This is a soul search. It is not one afternoon, one season, or even one year. It is an ongoing process, that I am continuing to dive into as I live my life. I must be flexible. I must allow life to shape me. And once I find who I am I must hold onto that, but at the same time allow life to show me who I am to become.

Life is all about balance. It is not finding one place and holding fast as the wind blows. I am that wind that blows too. I need to allow it to inform me so that I may grow, and become what I need for the next phase of my life. This process is surrender. To the knowing that I am loved. That life has my best interest at mind. When I listen to it, I know where to go next.


Life purpose is not something that we get to. It’s a way of life. It’s how we live our life in day to day. It’s how we handle things as they arise. We Become our life purpose. It isn’t not a destination. It’s a journey. The sooner we realize that, the more fun the ride becomes.

In heart, and love. From my highest, most integrated self I say Thank you, I love you, I honor you, I am with you, You are family. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

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